This kind of tourism means risks. But always a calculated risk

The main motivation that promotes people to do this kind of activities is the boredom, the routine.

It includes the practice of some sports and the adventure trips.

With active sport tourism, they want to set up a bigger concept, the active tourism.

Main Characteristics

  • It uses natural environment: but participants persecute feeling sensations not nature’s contemplation, though the two actives aren’t incompatibles.
  • The main motivation (the risk, the adventure) can be combined on adventure trips. Cultural affinity and accessibility cause opposite effects that they would cause normally so less accessibility and cultural affinity contribute to have more sensation of adventure. It can pass same with price.
  • Destination has to be good communication in international field.
  • They are Zones of little urban planning and usually little traditional.
  • The adventure sports tourists can use almost all the types of touristic accommodation: camping, hotels, rural houses, hotels apartments.
  • The adventurous tourist is usually young. Even though more and more the adventure sports are being adopted for all ages. The most common is groups of friends around thirties. Even so, lately new trends have been detected like the case of couples that make their honeymoon a journey of adventure.
  • It is a tourism that in general presents little seasonality. Depending on the destination and the climatology of this there will be a modality or another.
  • It can be practiced in a lot of places. Even in artificial reproductions.

This type of tourists do not require complementary.