“Seeking position to utilize my skills and abilities in the world of tourism, and service industry which offers high and professional growth, while being resourceful and, innovative and versatile, implementing my Research and Educational knowledge to motivate youth to earn their livelihood from vocational skill likewise Adventure Sports and Adventure activity and service”

‘Tourism is the only service industry where the humankind are not replace by Robert and have the value of emotional and the attachment of value of self being’

Leading the world from front is what the identity of leaders comes and keeping the example is the value of your born and being alive in this world, leads by example that you are the true leader or a true legend.

Do not count any of success in life just be in time and work as per the need of the time, which is the greatest chapter of life, which lead you in the right path.

Do not blame any other to hide your weakness, face the challenges and move forward, problem come with solution.

Add some small value in this world, which is  calculated in your present and when you are alive, value after your death. In a sweet memory of you, that where within us you are the one who was the legend and a true leader.

Everyone is not born with sparks, be the spark and sine in the universe for self. Think behind the box implement knowledge, because you must not be job material and feel the self being of life that I am alive.

Only one line for the world, “BE WHAT, THAT, WHAT, YOU WANT TO BE,”


Ram Bhandari
Proprietor / CEO
356 Adventure Stop.
Date of Birth: 18/12/1988

Mobile: 7872985598
Email: rambhandari22@gmail.com